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Geostationary Earth Satellites (May 2012)

Summary:This is an update of Thomas Guilpain's list of geostationary satellites. The model and texture are identical, only the list of satellites and their positions has been updated.
Description:This package also includes a script to generate your own update from NORAD's TLE list. For licence reasons, it is not possible to include this raw list in the package. More information here: .

Note that this package uses each satellite's common name (e.g. SES-4) per default instead of the international identifier (e.g. 12007A).
By re-running the script, you can select if you prefer to have the common name or the international identifier.
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License:GPL v.3
Added:2012-05-20 10:28
Last modified:2012-05-20 10:56
Geostationary Earth Satellites (May 2012) SSC/CMOD/JPG 53.13 kB

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