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CoRoT exoplanets complete catalog

Summary:This add-on contains all of the 27 exoplanets from the CoRoT survey.
Description:This add-on contains all of the 27 planets from the CoRoT catalog. 16 of these are already present in Celestia 1.6.1 default extrasolar.ssc file, but they have been improved with the increase of knowledge
11 inedited planets, of which:
1) one very massive brown dwarf
2) three exoplanets unconfirmed

Everything that there is to know about sources, calculations and methods is included into the ReadMe file and the add-on's files.
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License:Anyone can use or reproduce part of these files with the only condition of mentioning them and their author.
Added:2012-03-06 22:23
Last modified:2012-03-07 09:56
CoRoT exoplanets complete catalog SSC/STC 8.04 kB

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2016-10-23 01:22
#1 Luke
This is a well-made addon!

One suggestion, though:
CoRoT-16's coordinates are
RA 278.5246375
Dec -6.0025972

and CoRoT-21's coordinates are
RA 101.05265
Dec -0.2991833 home page