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Analemma in our Solar System

Summary:Educational script concerning the simulation of Analemma in our Solar System.
Description:In astronomy, an analemma is a curve representing the angular offset of a celestial body (usually the Sun) from its mean position on the celestial sphere as viewed from another celestial body relative to the viewing body's celestial equator.

The analemma are shown for:
1: Mercury-Sun
2: Venus-Sun
3: Earth-Sun
4: Mars-Sun
5: Jupiter-Sun
6: Saturn-Sun
7: Uranus-Sun
8: Neptune-Sun
9: Pluto-Sun
L: Earth-Lunar

V1.1 update (Feb 7, 2012) of the Analemma script with the following modifications:
* Analemma added for Dwarfplanets: Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.
* Analemma menu split for Planets and Dwarfplanets.
* Analemma can switch between singleview and multiview, using the [V] key for: Uranus-Sun, Haumea-Sun, Eris-Sun.

Note (this is an exception for only a customized Celestia): If you are using the SPICE orbit for Pluto (and Charon, Hydra, Nix and P4) and changed the default Celestia 'solarsys.ssc' to use the ssc files that have been posted on the Celestia forum Pluto will not work right.
In 'Analemma_Pluto.celx' pluto is called by the line
but the spice files use "Pluto_bary". So you have to modify 'Analemma_Pluto.celx'.
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Creator:Marco Klunder
License:See the readme file in the zip file.
Added:2012-01-13 15:36
Last modified:2012-02-09 23:19
Analemma in our Solar System CELX (english) 26.09 kB

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