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Summary:Kepler-22b newly discovered habitable planet in the constellation Cygnus.
Description:This add-on adds the Kepler-22 star and its probably habitable planet 'b' to Celestia. All information about this system is valid. The surface of the b planet is fictional, because currently we haven't any information about this.

Updates in v1.1: Some corrected data about Kepler-22 and 'b' planet, now the 'b' planet makes transit as seen from Earth
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License:This add-on is free to copy and share. Modifications are allowed with my personal authority.
Added:2011-12-29 22:16
Last modified:2012-02-24 14:20
Kepler-22b SSC/STC/PNG 4.69 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-05-28 20:49
#8 shoginc
Thanks for your reply about this addon. I've been created a texture for the planet, similar to the "artist's concept" pictures on the net. I hope it will be a good surface representation for the planet.
2012-05-25 15:05
#7 anonymous
Recent studies suggest that Kepler 22b might be covered completely by water. So I got rid of all the continents and night side lights. Apart from the continents and extreme tilt that would probably render the planet uninhabitable, well done!
2012-03-10 18:59
#6 Dylan
Ugh, you have the planets tilt in a position where its solar days are almost 5 months. The way you made the SSC file it is hard to fix this problem.
2012-02-22 22:18
#5 anonymous
Type in on Google "Kepler 22b concept art" or just "Kepler-22b" and you will see pictures of the planet. That is the texture I reccomend. I would be happy if you use it.
2012-02-20 16:11
#4 shoginc
What kind of texture do you think? Can you show me?
2012-02-18 02:45
#3 Cool
Do you mind If I change the texture for this planet?
2012-02-12 18:50
#2 anonymous
Nice add-on, but it would be alot better if you used the concept art of Kepler-22b for the texture. But otherwise, very nice!
2012-02-02 22:37
#1 Chris
Nice addon, but one thing...
This planet was discovered by transit method, but in your file the planet makes no transit in front of its star seen from Earth. So it seems to me, that the Kepler-22 star system and the planets orbit is not in correct alignment to our solar system. home page