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Two Suns

Summary:A fictional depiction of our Solar System orbiting a binary star.
Description:This add-on adds a companion star to our Solar System. The luminosity and mass of the second sun was calculated to preserve the orbital periods of all the objects in the Solar System while increasing the orbital radii of all Solar System Objects to match the new Habitable Zone.

This is a new version of Eugene's former "Apollo add-on" (no longer available) on the Celestia Motherlode), which was renamed to Two Suns, and the star renamed to Alectrona. This new version fixes the distance to eliminate overlap with the Default Solar System, and adjusts the SSB2 system to hopefully be more realistic.
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Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:This add-on uses V2 of the GNU General Public License.
Added:2011-12-29 22:09
Last modified:2011-12-29 23:11

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