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64K Moon Normal Map VT

Summary:64 K hires Virtual Texture for the Normalmap of the Moon.
Description:The tiles for the first 4 levels of the moon at 512x512.png including the *.ctx and *.ssc files. Level 4 contains 512 tiles at 512x512.png, Level 5 contains 2048 tiles at 512x512 png and Level 6 contains 8192 tiles at 512x512png.
To install view the README file, or just extract into your Celestia folder.

V5.0 (Nov. 23, 2011): This map is based on the stereo images from the 37 Km overlap of the LRO-WAC camera . This VT has been reduced from the 256 ppd ( 92k ) map down to a 64 k map and the corresponding sizes for the VT.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:John van Vliet
License:Creative Common (by-sa)
Added:2011-11-25 23:09
Last modified:2011-11-26 11:31
Level 0-3 PNG 53.95 MB
Level 4 PNG 140.90 MB
Level 5 (Part 1) PNG 205.56 MB
Level 5 (Part 2) PNG 212.41 MB
Level 6 (Part 1) PNG 424.46 MB
Level 6 (Part 2) PNG 391.75 MB
Level 6 (Part 3) PNG 406.73 MB
Level 6 (Part 4) PNG 424.30 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-07-23 19:00
#1 anonymous
Hi there, it seems that parts of the normal map is... Out of whack, so to speak. At about 90 degree increments of longitude (0° E, 90° E, 180° E 270° E), one can see fuzzy transitions or seams, extending all 180° between the north and south poles. They are most noticeable with timerate at 1000000x and sync orbit enabled. Other than that, great addon! home page