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Io USGS map

Summary:The surface of Io as seen from the Galileo/Voyager missions.
Description:This add-on contains a high resolution alternate surface map of Io. It was created as mosaic from the Voyager and Galileo missions within the USGS Astrogeology Research Program. Just extract the file into Celestia's extras folder. Source images and detailed information:

This add on only adds 3 "alternative textures" and adds only three 8192x4096 maps - only hires (no medres and NO lowres maps). They are exactly the same as on the USGS site.
This add on WILL need editing to work with anything other than the default celestia 1.6.1.
Addon Homepage:
License:Free for non-commercial use.
Added:2011-10-19 16:27
Last modified:2011-10-20 12:08
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