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Terraformed Moon

Summary:A fictional depiction of Earth's moon having been terraformed.
Description:Many, many centuries from now, the technological requirements for terraforming small bodies may be acquired by humanity. Most notably, we will either be able to build world-encasing greenhouse spheres, or even force fields, to keep the air on small worlds from escaping. Earth's moon will most likely be our first target; especially so if Earth's ecosystem fails and we attempt a last ditch effort to preserve what we have left.
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Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:For private use only.
Added:2011-06-28 21:39
Last modified:2011-06-30 10:39
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2011-07-01 07:29
#2 Mynameislol
Nice! Also, i didn't notice your moon, because i have now uploaded MY moon. Heh, maybe we can figure something out?
2011-06-30 07:36
#1 spaceman
At last! :-D home page