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Sun and Stars Size Comparison

Summary:Script about the size of our Sun, compared to some other stars
Description:Display of our Sun, to compare its size to some other stars, using a 13° angular reference size for changing distances.

For educational purposes, it's advised to run the 'Sun and Planets Size Comparison' script prior to this script, to first understand the size of our Sun compared to the planets.

This script requires Celestia v1.6.1 or later.

v2.0 modifications:
* Edited the text color very slightly
* Added the star's radius in comparison to the sun (Rsun) to all printed text lines, repositioned the text, and preserved that statement as the star changes its position in multiview.
* Corrected the radius for mu Cep in the Celestia161(-ED) database
* Added VY Canis Majoris to the script and the Celestia161(-ED) database
* Shortened celestia_cleanup_callback() function
* Converted script to run also in Lua_Edu_Tools (optional)
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Creator:Marco Klunder
Version:2.0 (2012)
License:Included in the files.
Added:2011-06-19 21:49
Last modified:2012-05-03 20:39
English version (2012) CELX (english) 1.01 MB
Dutch version (2012) CELX (dutch) 1.00 MB

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