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Sun and Planets Size Comparison

Summary:Size comparison of planets.
Description:This script requires Celestia v1.6.1 or later.

Modified v2.1 by Marco Klunder, 19 March 2011
* Change default text color to aqua and print black text, at 2 million km distance from the Sun, with the new celestia:settextcolor() method. This makes it possible that the Sun stays rendered and doesn't need to be temporary deleted from view.
* Actualized celestia_cleanup_callback() function with new celestia methods (Celestia v1.6.1).
* Use observer:orbit() method in orbit function.
* Textual adjustments and usage of UTF-8 code.
* Changed rendering and control of overlay elements in the corners of the screen.
* Changed initial angular size to 14°, using formula’s instead of fixed numbers for distances.
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Creator:Marco Klunder
Version:2.1 (2011)
License:Included in the files.
Added:2011-06-19 21:39
Last modified:2011-06-22 01:24
English version (2011) CELX (english) 398.25 kB
Dutch version (2011) CELX (dutch) 401.54 kB

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