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Gliese 581

Summary:An artists concept of Gliese 581
Description:What the 6 planets of Gliese 581 might look like? There is so little data and only mathematical models of "possible" types of planets that this is about 98% speculation.
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Creator:John van Vliet
License:Creative Commons
Added:2011-06-06 13:32
Last modified:2011-06-07 10:43
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Comments by visitors:

2014-12-13 05:58
#4 AC
2012-05-12 12:08
#3 Our Indonesian Space
Good. The Gliese 581 G Not similar wih Earth... ._. The Gliese 581 D must be very cold. but the textures are Good. Keep making good Add-ons!
2012-02-27 21:59
#2 Cool
Gliese 581 d has a earth-like surface that is 100% confirmed. Use that instead of the reddish surface.
2011-10-29 13:58
#1 SpaceWhizKid 581
Gliese 581 C has a weird rotation, like mercury, but a larger effect. Good job! home page