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Gould and Lost stars

Summary:Gould designations for southern stars, with other minor corrections and enhancements, including many "Lost Star" designations as per Wagman's book.
Description:This add-on provides Gould designations for southern stars as assigned by Benjamin Gould in his Uranometria Argentina of 1879. Those Gould designations already in Celestia masquerading as Flamsteed numbers (e.g. 82 Eridani, 41 Arae) are corrected.
In addition, Morton Wagman's "Lost Stars" has been consulted for additions and corrections to designations created by Bayer, Flamsteed, Lacaille, and Baily. A few additional historical designations close to the South Pole have been included. Primarily, those designations that are historically valid but dropped by Gould because the star didn't meet his magnitude cut-off limit, are reinstated. Version 0.1 is updated for the following 9 constellations: 1. Octans; 2. Mensa; 3. Hydrus; 4. Chamaeleon; 5. Apus; 6. Pavo; 7. Indus; 8. Tucana; 9. Volans.
Other minor corrections (e.g. spelling of star names) have also been made. Chinese names have been removed.

V 0.2:
In addition, the following 22 southern constellations have been updated in further ways: Octans, Mensa, Hydrus, Chamaeleon, Apus, Pavo, Indus, Tucana, Volans, Carina, Musca, Circinus, Triangulum Australe, Dorado, Ara, Horologium, Reticulum, Pictor, Centaurus, Crux, Norma, Phoenix
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License:This add-on and accompanying documents were created by Richard ( for use with Celestia. © 2011 - All rights reserved.
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