Earth: Cloud Map Textures:
Earth Cloud Map (16K VT)

Summary:A non dds (but png) VT for the Earth's Clouds 2k,4k,8k and 16k map tiles.
Description:level 0,1 are 2 k, level2 is 4k, level3 is 8k, and level4 is 16k.
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Creator:John van Vliet
Added:2010-10-22 17:27
Last modified:2010-11-11 16:07
Levels 0-3 PNG/CTX/SSC 74.32 MB
Level 4 PNG/CTX/SSC 155.89 MB

Comments by visitors:

2011-06-25 20:36
#2 John VV
-- moving clouds --
RTFM !!!

read the celestia documentation !!!
and do your OWN homework.
I will not do YOUR research for you .
2011-06-25 10:34
#1 Atmos-chem
It look great! However, is there any way of getting the clouds to move?
Whatever I set the cloud speed to; it ends up streaking the cloud image across the Earth. home page