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Imperium Atlantis

Summary:Alternative Earth Surface with the Fabled Lost Continent of Atlantis
Description:This is a fictitious depiction of the fabled Lost Continent at the height of her glory: approximately 7 millennia “… before the Ocean drank Atlantis…”
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2012-01-25 04:56
#3 anonymous
Atlantis is a lost continent is now an underwater one of the lost maps.
2010-08-23 13:36
#2 ParticleGrasp
I appreciate the complement; however, in the interest of full disclosure, most of the credit goes to by Don Edwards. The base of the texture is his “Earth 18000BCE” add-on. I do cite him in my Readme file.
2010-08-21 15:31
#1 Edasich
I really like those ice caps in the Earth texture. Good job :) home page