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M-dwarf-Brown dwarf binary NLTT 41135

Summary:This is the eclipsing M-dwarf+Brown dwarf binary system NLTT 41135, discovered by MEarth survey, the same who has detected GJ 1214 b transiting exoplanet.
Description:The system appears as a hierarchical triple, with two red dwarfs widely separated (55 AUs) and a brown dwarf in tight (0.022 AUs) orbit around secondary star (NLTT 41135, dM5; 'NLTT 41136' is the primary, a dM4 star).
Curiously this system has three very close and bright neighboring star: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis) at 2.42 Light Years and Epsilon Serpentis at 3.98 Ly, and Sigma Serpentis at 20.5.
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2016-03-08 03:26
#1 davidhasastar
Simply beautiful. I wish all brown dwarfs came standard with that texture and atmosphere. home page