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Planetary Nebulae with Evaporating Planets

Summary:Five planetary nebulae with hypothetical evaporating planets.
Description:This add-on is based on the paper of Soker (1999) "Detecting Planets in Planetary Nebulae". It contains 5 PNs (Skull Nebula, Helix Nebula, Ring Nebula and Ghost of Jupiter) with very hot central stars and photoevaporating gas giants.
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License:This add-on may be freely used for Celestia.
Added:2010-07-18 12:25
Last modified:2012-03-17 10:59
Planetary Nebulae with Evaporating Planets DSC/SSC/STC/CMOD/3DS/JPG/PNG 15.85 MB

Comments by visitors:

2015-08-29 19:54
#2 Jones
It's a Good add-on.
The only thing is, that the nebulas could be more turned to the viewers perspective on earth and that they could have a bigger variation of planets. (I didn't read the paper, so the last point maybe must to be like this, I don't know.)

But nevertheless, it's very eyecandy and nice to see.
2010-07-21 17:57
#1 anonymous
I love your planetary system :)
please made a fire gas giant. home page