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Gunsmoke - Trigun's Planet

Summary:The planet nicknamed 'Gunsmoke' orbiting a close binary star system in Trigun comics of Yasuhiro Nightow.
Description:The comics author has not specified around which star(s) the planet does orbit, nonetheless it is likely the system may coincide with Delta Trianguli, since it is the nearest Solar-type close binary to Sun (roughly 30 Light Years).

Gunsmoke has got three natural satellites, nearly similar to our Moon (I have tentatively scaled their masses in following way, 0.3-0.935-0.62 Lunar masses, placing the least massive one in the innermost orbit and those with similar mass in the outer ones). No name has been provided in the fiction for these moons, since the denizens of Gunsmoke use to call them "first moon, second moon and third moon". The 3rd one shows a wide crater due to an accident of Vash the Stampede and Knives Million.
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Added:2010-06-21 21:04
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2010-09-09 18:18
#4 Hank Cotman
I love the textures. Very well done.
2010-07-22 16:47
#3 Edasich
I didn't know you were doing a Gunsmoke add-on. I am curious to see what you have created :)
2010-07-19 10:07
#2 Don. Edwards
Wow, imagine seeing a near copy to my 4 year old unreleased Gunsmoke project.

You could have tried to contact me and I might have given you the project if we shared the credit.

Now I will just have to release mine.
2010-06-21 21:56
#1 BinaryRising
Edasich, dude thanks for the addon! It's about time someone made Gunsmoke! home page