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Giotto - 25th Anniversary Edition

Summary:ESA's mission to Comet Halley. Includes spacecraft model and trajectory from 1985-2016.
Description:ESA's mission to Comet Halley, launched in 1985.
Add-on includes spacecraft model, trajectory from 1985-2016, modification for Comet 1P/Halley during flyby orbit, additional Comet 26P/Grigg-Skjellerup.
Trajectory reconstructed using Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator and JPL Horizons data, features flybys of Halley, Grigg-Skjellerup and Earth.
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License:Free for non-commercial use only.
Added:2010-05-06 20:35
Last modified:2010-05-07 22:17
Giotto - 25th Anniversary Edition CMOD/JPG/SSC/XYZV 4.71 MB

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