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2009 Exoplanets

Summary:71 exoplanets discovered in 2009.
Description:This add on also includes the stars for a few of them. Please note that none of these were included in the Celestia program, which is why Brad made an add on for them.
Currently as of March 2010 there are 443 Exoplanets that have been discovered.
If you combine the total of the exoplants that came with Celestia 1.6V (333), this add on (71) and the ones included with my 2010 add on (19) you will get a total of 423.
I have made six more add ons for a few discovered before 2009. That would put the total too 429. There are a few I have come across on Celestia Motherloade
So grand total should be around 437, I guess that covers most of them.
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