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HR 8799 Star & Planets

Summary:Star HR 8799 and it's three Exoplanets.
Description:"HR 8799 is a young (~60 million year old) main sequence star located 129 light years (39 parsecs) away from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus, with roughly 1.5 times the Sun's mass and 4.9 times its luminosity. It is part of a system that also contains a debris disk and at least three massive planets (which, along with Fomalhaut b, were the first extrasolar planets whose orbital motion was confirmed via direct imaging)."
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Comments by visitors:

2010-04-27 06:36
#3 Ian M
I'd like it more if all three planets did not have the EXACT SAME TEXTURE.
2010-04-04 12:51
#2 Edasich
Plus I see planet c and d's orbits colliding. That should be fixed.
2010-03-27 01:04
#1 anonymous
Planet orbits shown are not supported by real data. home page