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Jupiter Texture

Summary:Real image of Jupiter, clearly a space-view.
Description:It is an unusual view, and to make sure that this image shows how Jupiter really looks from space, Vleider included an image from Voyager at close range.

Unzip into your Celestia root directory \Celestia\textures\medres
Don't forget to make a back-up of the original texture because it will be removed!!!
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License:This texture is completely free of charge.
Added:2010-03-09 18:53
Last modified:2010-03-11 17:40
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Comments by visitors:

2011-01-14 23:24
#7 anonymous
Right when I thought I couldn't love Jupiter more.
(And yes, John, I know they're false colors. To be honest, I prefer Voyager images of Jupiter over Cassini images of Jupiter [not to say Cassini's images were ugly, of course.])
2010-08-07 23:09
#6 JohnVanVliet
A word of caution
the color in this is the old Voyager
"false color "
for improved contrast only
and dose not reflect the "true" color
2010-05-22 05:45
#5 Caleb the Thin
Nice colors, but smooth details are going lost and there is noise.
I used a reduce noise fiter in my texture!
2010-03-16 10:32
#4 J.T.K.
Great !
2010-03-11 08:57
#3 qkrckdduq
very good!
2010-03-10 18:56
#2 Gradius_Fanatic
Wow, i kind of like this one more than my OWN 4K texture for jupiter! INSANELY vivid colors on this one, thanks!
2010-03-10 15:27
#1 Hank Cotman
Beautiful view. Jupiter has to be one of the most scenic planets of any star system. home page