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Stellar Degenerates

Summary:Several kinds of stellar degenerates.
Description:Includes several kinds of stellar degenerates, such as white dwarfs, pulsars, B-type sub-dwarfs, cataclysmic variables, dwarf novae and black hole systems.
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License:This add-on may be freely used for Celestia.
Added:2010-02-28 00:11
Last modified:2010-02-28 11:42
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2012-07-12 23:08
#3 anonymous guy
Still looking... Not to be an impatiant complainer, but, I really don't think there's any black holes, because it didn't come with any models or textures...
2012-07-12 03:46
#2 anonymous guy
It would be much esier if there was a list, now i'm spending hours looking for thoses black holes and cataclysmic dwarfes, still, though, it's quite a good add-on.
2011-07-11 15:14
#1 anonymous
It would be better if you added a guide to the stars. (Name, type, etc.) home page