Kuiper Belt Objects:
50000 Quaoar I / Weywot

Summary:Quaoar has one known satellite, Weywot, formally (50000) Quaoar I Weywot.
Its discovery was reported on 22 February 2007.
Description:The orbit of this satellite has yet to be determined. The satellite was found at 0.35 arcsec from Quaoar with magnitude difference of 5.6. Assuming an albedo similar to that of the primary, the magnitude suggests a diameter of 95 ± 24 km.
Brown believes it is likely to be a collisional fragment of Quaoar, which he speculates lost much of its ice mantle in the process. Brown left the choice of a name up to the Tongva, who chose the sky god Weywot, son of Quaoar.

This name was made official in MPC #67220 published on October 4, 2009.
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