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Rosetta Probe

Summary:Model packaged with trajectories and orbits. Requires Celestia 1.6.0 or later!
Description:Brian's model packaged with a trajectory for Rosetta and orbits for Steins,
Lutetia, and comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (xyzv) by Chris Laurel.
SSC modified and add-on packaged by Ulrich Dickmann (Adirondack) for the Celestia Motherlode with permission by BrianJ and Chris Laurel.
This version will only work with Celestia 1.6.0+ because it uses xyzv files for the trajectories of the spacecraft and the comet. It also uses multiple names for the asteroids, which only works in 1.6.0+.
Note that this add-on covers the Rosetta mission only up until the approach to the comet.
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and Chris Laurel
Added:2010-01-15 16:14
Last modified:2010-01-15 16:26
Rosetta Probe 3DS/JPG/SSC/XYZV 694.31 kB

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