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Eros and Mathilde

Summary:The NEAR probe destination asteroids.
Description:This file contains the orbital elements for the two asteroids 433 Eros and 253 Matilde which were observed during flybys by NASA's NEAR satellite mission. Please note that recent versions of Celestia already include definitions (and a model) for the asteroid Eros, so you may wish to edit the enclosed SSC file to remove the entry for 433 Eros from the file. If you don't, and you try to locate asteroid 433 Eros, you will NOT be able to see it. Also, you may wish to download Jestr's excellent asteroid replacement package which is located HERE. This package includes a very nice texture and model for Mathilde.
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Creator:Selden Ball
Added:2004-11-04 20:24
Last modified:2008-01-10 17:02
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