Kuiper Belt Objects:
2002 TX300

Summary:About the size of Quaoar, yet still to be determined.
Description:About the size of Quaoar, still to be determined. Discovered by Palomar Mountain/Neat 15 Oct 2002. It is a large Haumea family member, and a Kuiper Belt Object. Between that of (50000) Quaoar and (20000) Varuna, 2002 TX300 has the most eccentric and inclined orbit of the three.
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2010-07-17 13:57
#1 Kevin Heider
TX300 is a Haumea family member with a high albedo (reflectance). An occultation on October 9, 2009 suggests TX300 to be less than 300km in diameter. But there is a chance that the occultation was not viewing the major axis of the body. Never-the-less, the chances that TX300 is spherical have dropped significantly. home page