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Italy : Rome and the Vatican

Summary:Virtual texture levels 7-12, with locations file and extra add-on. Requires a complete Earth VT.
Description:Rome, the Vatican and its surroundings with high precision. With the locations file, find the seven hills of Rome and more. The texture contains an alpha channel so that water surfaces reflect light depending on illumination.

Comes with
- a file to display the name of some localities in Rome and around.
- a script to toggle the display of the Vatican's border.
- An uninstallation file.

It is highly recommended to use these textures in conjunction with Jestr 64K Earth Mark II virtual textures.
Installation is simple and is described in the readme / leggimi / lisez-moi files.
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Added:2010-01-06 22:56
Last modified:2010-01-07 14:27
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