Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:

Summary:A fictional irregular galaxy near the milky way.
Description:As the galaxies drift through the universe, Tandrixis was once a small spiral galaxy, however it has drifted too close to our Milky Way and now shares the same fate as the Large and Small magallenic clouds, it is now a satellite galaxy to our milky way, and it has also been disturbed and reshaped into an irregular galaxy thanks to our milky way, many of its star clusters got scattered throughout the galaxy, now only two open clusters, and one globular cluster remain.

This addon will be an open project to ALL celestia addon creators. Feel free to create your own star clusters, planet systems, nebulae--anything for this galaxy and post to the motherlode! :)
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License:This file may be freely used for Celestia, and all addon uploads that require THIS addon are welcome.
Added:2010-01-01 22:55
Last modified:2010-01-03 12:56
Tandrixis DSC/STC 2.81 MB

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2013-07-27 18:08
#2 anonymous
Pretty impressive. The only problem is that it knocks the Star Trek Deep Space K-7 add-on out of our galaxy & into Tandrixis.
2010-01-05 12:07
#1 anonymous
I got six galaxies with stars!!: the Milky Way, Sculptor, Ursa Minor, Sextans A, SMC, and this fictional galaxy with stars, Tandrixis! home page