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T Tauri Stars

Summary:Several young T Tauri-type stars from star forming regions of Taurus-Auriga and others.
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Added:2009-11-29 00:18
Last modified:2009-11-29 14:09
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2016-01-29 04:01
#4 Joe
A few of the stars require a "youngCH4.jpg" texture that is not included on either this add-on or the main texture repository folder for the Celestia program.
2009-12-10 18:58
#3 Sirius_Alpha/Hungry4info
I'm loving this add-on. Thanks ^.^
2009-12-04 13:54
#2 jogad
So many stars!
Maybe a guide or a read-me with more details would be useful to explore this add-on.
2009-11-29 17:55
#1 anonymous
yay more stars! home page