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Vic Viper

Summary:Vic Viper, the Gradius fighter ship.
Description:This is the Vic Viper, the one man fighter ship that has time and time again saved the Gradian race from the evil Bacterion empire. This ships features include the ability to travel at light speed. Missiles that when launched will travel along the ground until they hit the enemy. Double shot feature that will allow firing at two different angles at the same time. A powerful laser for critical assaults and larger enemies. And a feature called Options.....which when activated will create up to 4 orbs of energy that have the power to act as multiple ships--firing anything that the vic viper is currently using. A formidable force indeed! :)
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License:This file may be freely used with celestia.
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2009-10-29 02:09
Very nice add-on. I love how the engines glow in the dark =) home page