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Moon phenomena (2011)

Summary:Libration of the Moon and other phenomena.
Description:This is an educational script which explains:
- The changing size of the Moon,
- The Phases of the Moon,
- The Libration of the Moon.

Please note that this add-on only runs with Celestia 1.6.1 or later.

Note: If you use SPICE orbits for your solar system, things might not work correctly - example: Stonehenge is floating in mid air at a 45° tilt to the Earth.

A major v2.0 update (2011), containing a new part about the Lunar Standstill.
Moon phenomena script v2.1:
Workaround implemented to prevent a lock-up of Celestia's Lunar Eclipse finder for Earth.
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Creator:Marco Klunder
License:Included in the files.
Added:2009-09-04 23:28
Last modified:2011-07-01 15:49
English version (english) 8.69 MB
Dutch version (dutch) 8.70 MB

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