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Sextans A

Summary:Fictional stars for the Dwarf galaxy Sextans A.
Description:Sextans A is a tiny dwarf irregular galaxy. It is located within the Local Group, which includes our Milky Way galaxy. At 4.3 million light-years away from Earth, Sextans A is one of most distant members of the Local Group, and is notable for its peculiar square shape. Massive short-lived stars exploded in supernovae that caused more star formation, triggering yet more supernovae, ultimately resulting in an expanding shell. Young blue stars now highlight areas and shell edges high in current star formation, which from the perspective of observers on Earth appears roughly square.

This addon adds LOTS of stars to Sextans A, and gradius_fanatic have attempted to arrange the blue star clusters according to telescope photos. Enjoy! :)

The nebulae are actually impossible to see under normal telescope images....the galaxy has to be viewed through a special filter to see the nebulae. So the Nebulae addon is somewhat fictional, yet somewhat true.
Note: The Nebulae addon needs a pretty fast computer, because there are so many nebulae in one place.
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License:This file may be freely used for Celestia.
Added:2009-08-29 09:44
Last modified:2009-09-09 12:04
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Comments by visitors:

2009-10-18 12:58
#5 anonymous
Wow, this addon really rocks. The size of the stars is a bit overdone, but it makes for really beautiful visuals.
2009-09-05 23:56
#4 Reiko
2009-09-03 17:35
#3 anonymous
actually the sun is a pretty small star, actually its been called a "yellow dwarf", so stars of this size in the addon arent so bad in my opinion :)
2009-08-31 20:20
#2 Spaceman
The addon is fantastic, but the majority of stars are extremely super giants. There is also a star 60,000 bigger that the Sun!!!
2009-08-30 11:24
#1 anonymous
Now I have 4 galaxies with stars! The Milky Way, Sculptor, UrsaMinor Dwarf, and Sextans A! All very cool. home page