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Terraformed Pluto

Summary:Terraformed Pluto, in clear, crisp PNG format.
Description:In the very distant future, humanity will develop the technology to terraform the smallest planets. Pluto is one of them.

V 1.2 (March 2012)
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Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:I authorize that this product may be distributed free of charge, and non-commercially. If you wish to use any part of this product for your own creations, please let me know RIGHT DOWN TO THE LETTER what you plan to do with it. You wouldn't want to steal other people's hard work now, would you? ;-) If so, don't forget to feel guilty about it every time you go to bed. :-)
Added:2009-08-02 21:59
Last modified:2012-03-09 22:33
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2009-08-03 20:09
I would like to say that this update made Pluto look much better from the last version, with the new atmosphere. The new night map is also a great improvement, as last time it looked almost like Coruscant from star wars. Some of the city names are a bit... over the top. (Nuke Factories? Seriously? You're making me nervous.) Other than that, a great update from the last one. Before you say how unrealistic it is, it's fictional. (HINT: turn it to "Limit of Knowledge" surfaces to make it look like a desert with clouds!) home page