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Delta Trianguli

Summary:Delta Trianguli is a real life Star Wars-esque binary star, with two real suns in close orbit, and a set of fictional planets.
Description:The Delta Trianguli system was formed about 1.9 billion years ago, and has four planets, one of which is habitable, named Belle Hades.

Belle Hades is a small world that has astonishingly managed to evolve complex life and a civilization in a much shorter time frame than Earth. For a long time, Belle Hades was oppressed by a secret, brutal alien regime, until finally, against all odds, they managed to team up with Earth and overthrow the aliens, saving all life in the region in the process. Now Belle Hades is a free planet, and is looking forward to peaceful relations with the Earth.
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Caution: This add-on contains 350 asteroids and 12 comets!
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Creator:Eugene Stauffer
License:Licensed for private use only.
Added:2009-05-16 22:07
Last modified:2012-05-03 20:19
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2012-05-04 07:34
#2 Eugene Stauffer

Someone pointed out to me on the Celestia Forums a glitch in the addon. The text in "deltri_stars.txt" that is intended for use in "" in Celestia's main "data" folder was improperly written, and caused Celestia to fail. I have since provided a patch which should fix the problem. You can download it here:

Hope this helps. :)
2011-06-12 18:30
#1 anonymous
Alas, two stars and one planet are ridiculous !
I'ld prefer less astéroids and more planets. home page