Earth: Virtual Texture Close-Ups:
Egypt: Giza Pyramids (Update)

Summary:An update of Kinderino's add-on to show more details. Requires a complete Earth VT).
Description:With kind courtesy of Kinderino, I have updated this add-on to get a best
precision and a larger area around Giza. This add-on must be used with a DDS
VT like Jestr's 64K Earth Mark II virtual textures. The tiles are well
suited to this add-on.

See the readme.txt / lisez-moi.txt for installation and more information on
how to use this add-on with other pyramid add-ons.
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Added:2009-04-30 22:27
Last modified:2009-04-30 22:58
Levels 6-12 DDS/JPG/CMOD/3DS 14.16 MB

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