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AM 0644-741

Summary:Galaxy AM 0644-741.
Description:Galaxy AM 0644-741 for Celestia 1.5 and up. Includes a custom template file which
will draw the galaxy in its own unique shape.

Please note that the custom template file MUST go in the MAIN models folder in
the Celestia Directory for the add-on to work properly. If you make a models
file in the extras folder, you will get a strange blue light instead of a
galaxy. Includes a texture overlay for some extra "eye-candy".
Addon Homepage:
License:This file may be freely used for Celestia.
Added:2009-04-30 22:17
Last modified:2009-04-30 23:01
AM 0644-741 CMOD/PNG 2.54 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-02-05 16:53
#2 Sam Philippian (August5)
It's a great galaxy! Great job! Check out my addon!
2009-10-21 19:02
#1 Teto
Not bad, but it's not a 'real' galaxy: just a picture on a 3ds model, like many nebulas...
But it's better than nothing anyway. home page