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France: Saint-Malo (Brittany)

Summary:Levels 6-12 of the city of Saint-Malo, France and around the Brittany area.
Note: This add-on requires a complete Earth Virtual Texture.
Description:This add-on displays the pretty little City of Saint-Malo in Brittany, where were born Jacques Cartier (who discovered and explored Canada) and the famous corsair Surcouf.
The add-on also contains a very detailed view of the harbor.
It is highly recommended that you use these textures in conjunction with the France VT add-on and Jestr's 64K Earth Mark II virtual textures add-on.
Installation is simple and is described in the readme.txt / lisez-moi.txt file.
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Added:2009-03-26 21:24
Last modified:2009-03-26 22:23
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