Fictional: Solar Systems, Planets, etc.:
Caldonis System

Summary:A fictional planetary system located around a fictional star.
Description:A fictional planetary system located around a fictional star named Caldonis. The system consists of two earth-like worlds, one of them a frozen ringed planet, and another that is actually a planet sized moon of a gas giant, which also has a titan-like moon.

You may also be interested in the Trifid Nebula add-on, which is located HERE, since this add-on is located nearby.
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License:This file may be freely used for Celestia.
Added:2009-03-18 21:57
Last modified:2009-03-19 17:11
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Comments by visitors:

2012-11-20 14:01
#5 anonymous87
2011-11-24 10:41
#4 Voyager
This is an example of a good fictional add-on for Celestia. 10/10, Keep up the good work
2009-10-25 09:42
#3 Spaceman
A fantastic planetary system :-D
2009-03-20 18:09
#2 Hank Cotman
A very nice and imaginative system. I know its hard to do, but some of the seams at the poles could probably be cleaned up a little. Again: Nice Job Overall.
2009-03-20 10:23
#1 anonymous
Superb, very orginal and quite interesting, the textures are very good as well. well done home page