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Summary:This file contains a detailed mesh of Saturn's moon Mimas.
Description:'Space Trip' used a BumpMap of Mimas and used it as a displacement map on a spherical mesh. He tested it on different textures for accuracy.

To use this model, copy the CMOD file to your Celestia\models directory, and then add the following line to your Celestia\data\solarsys.ssc file (using notepad or equivalent) under the Mimas description:

Mesh "Mimas.cmod"
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Creator:Space Trip
License:Public Domain.
Added:2009-03-18 21:55
Last modified:2009-03-19 01:58
Mimas CMOD 485.84 kB

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2010-07-04 19:40
#1 anonymous
This doesn't really look that different from the original map (in terms of colors)... home page