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France: Paris

Summary:This add-on displays a detailed view of Paris in France and around the countryside.
NOTE: Requires a complete Earth VT.
Description:Part 1 covers Paris at and around the French countryside at a resolution of about 10 m/pixel for most places. The resolution varies from 5 to 2.5 m/pixel with the other parts of this add-on.
Although this is not absolutely mandatory, it is highly recommended to use these textures in conjunction with Jogad's France VT textures to have a seamless view to the ground from on high.
Installation is simple and is described in the readme.txt file which is enclosed.
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Added:2009-02-09 21:32
Last modified:2009-02-10 14:03
Part 1 VT/DDS 17.87 MB
Part 2 VT/DDS 17.88 MB
Part 3 VT/DDS 15.21 MB
Part 4 VT/DDS 14.10 MB

Comments by visitors:

2010-03-13 04:21
#3 anonymous
Hey... wow. This is actually a lot like Google Earth if you think about it... excellent stuff
2009-08-29 10:15
#2 anonymous
this is great with the france add on! and i like the river in paris how you have added reflection when you rotate!
2009-02-11 18:42
#1 BobHegwood
Now this is an excellent add-on. This is the way virtual texture's SHOULD be made. Thanks very much. home page