Saturn: Moons:

Summary:This add-on simply provides updated 4K textures for Saturn's moon, Dione. It contains a surface map, and a LOK map.
Description:Please view the ReadMe.txt file which is included in this add-on for complete installation instructions.

The original texture came from resources which can be located in Doctor Schrempp's texture tools tutorial which can be located on the Celestial Matters Forum HERE.

The image from which the final texture came from can be located at the
NASA Cassini FTP website which is located HERE.

Bob merely followed Dr. Schrempp's tutorials in order to create this
very pleasing (at least to Bob) final texture for use in Celestia.

Many thanks to Dr. Schrempp for making these tutorials available for us
Brain-Dead users.

I would also like to thank Gradius Fanatic for all of his help with these
textures. He provided the fictional data which is used within the overall
image in order to complete the final textures. He also finally taught me
how to use the Gimp in order to modify a texture, and I am deeply grateful
for his help here. ;-)

If you have any problems with this add-on, I am Brain-Dead Bob, and I can
be reached at
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Bob Hegwood
License:Creative Commons License.
Added:2009-01-31 14:35
Last modified:2011-04-02 17:34
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