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Hale Telescope v3

Summary:This add-on provides a simulation of the Hale Telescope on Mount Palomar which you can control.
Description:This Hale Telescope add-on provides a CMOD model of the 200" Hale Telescope and its dome on a digital elevation model of Palomar Mountain. You may use typed commands and 3D control desks with selectable buttons and switches to control the simulated telescope.

Its SSC catalogs cause the telescope to track whatever object you select in Celestia and its Scripted functions and 3D control desks with selectable buttons and switches allow you to control various parts of the telescope and its observatory.
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Creator:Selden Ball
License:These add-ons for Celestia were created by Selden Ball and are copyright © December, 2006 and © December, 2007. All rights reserved. This add-on may be freely redistributed for educational purposes. It may not be used for any commercial benefit without explicit written permission from the author.
Added:2008-12-30 23:32
Last modified:2009-07-10 17:35
Hale Telescope v3 CMOD (english-us) 18.82 MB

Comments by visitors:

2009-07-10 17:39
#2 Lorenzo Vargas
This is an Amazing Add-On! Now you can participate in the romance of astronomy with the beloved Hale 200" telescope! This big instrument gives you a real sense of Presence! You don't need to run the script to operate, configure and Look Through this work of art! Point and click Control benches give you easy operation and a real feeling of being there! Running the script gives you an animated breakdown of all the components as well as demonstrations of all the Optics! WARNING: You must have Celestia 1.5 or later, or it won't work!
2009-04-16 03:42
#1 anonymous
HEY! It don't work!! home page