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M42 (alternative texture)

Summary:An alternative texture for Praesepe's M42 add-on.
Description:This is an alternative texture for Praesepe's M42 addon, with 2K and 4K texture files included. Have a look at the read me file for info on how to use them.
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License:This add-on may be used for any FREE purpose, including Celestia.
Added:2008-11-18 23:03
Last modified:2008-11-23 01:56
M42 (alternative texture) 2K/4k PNG 20.12 MB

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2009-11-06 05:18
#1 anonymous
Wow, those colors... I've seen a couple of dazzling sunsets with colors like that, and I just didn't want to stop looking at them. It's cool applied to a nebula, too. home page