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Brighter Star Textures

Summary:This add-on provides alternative (and brighter) star textures for use within Celestia.
Description:This add-on simply contains some brighter star textures for use with Celestia.

Please view Gradius' ReadMe.txt file for installation and usage instructions.
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License:Free for non-commercial use only.
Added:2008-10-17 23:24
Last modified:2008-10-19 17:23
Brighter Star Textures 17.20 MB

Comments by visitors:

2013-03-10 01:15
#3 anonymous
The textures are very sloppy!
2012-04-30 16:36
#2 anonymous
personally my opinion, but what do the files in the actual folder matter if they render wonderfully in Celestia itself?
2012-04-21 01:50
#1 anonymous
Looking at the files themselves, I can see the textures look VERY sloppy. I can see countless incidences of copy and pasting, resulting in "squares" appearing all over the textures, and far too many duplicates of the same areas in multiple locations, and a lot of the same sunspots used on multiple textures. "mstar.png" looks like the worst offender. More effort should have been made in the creation of these textures. home page