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Sputnik 2

Summary:Sputnik 2 was launched on November 3, 1957 using the R-7 8K71PS "Zemiorka" rocket from the Baikonour Space Center. It carried the first live being to go into space, Laika a small female dog.
Description:This add-on reproduces the flight of Laika and the associated Soviet spacecraft as it arrives in space, and through its orbits around planet Earth.

To install, simply extract the zip file to your extras directory. To view this add-on in its entirety, just open the script of your choice (either the English or the French version) using Celestia's File menu.
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License:Commercial use strictly prohibited, e-mail me in case of other use.
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2012-10-08 13:15
#1 Celestial234 (Observer)
great, i know laika, that female dog. she's the first creature on space. And died after a few hours on the atmosphere.
not so much feature here, just quick. but this is inspiring people to get out of the earth, including the moon!

-Celestial234 ;D home page