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IC434 and NGC2023

Summary:This add-on includes models and textures for both the IC434 Nebula and the NGC2023 Nebula.
Description:This add-on includes revisions to Praesepe's original IC434 add-on, so you may wish to un-install that add-on if you already have it included in your extras directory. This add-on includes models and textures for BOTH of the nebulae which are located in the same general area of the sky.
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License:Free for non-commercial use only.
Added:2008-09-04 14:15
Last modified:2008-10-18 00:36
IC434 and NGC2023 3DS/2K/PNG 3.27 MB

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2009-09-10 05:41
#1 Crocomire
Great job. That's my favorite nebula! home page