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Tour of Venus

Summary:This is the revised Tour of Venus, Version 3.01.
Description:This package will install a completely revised Tour of Venus. This version (3.01) includes all models, textures, and other files needed in order to thoroughly examine this strange and exotic planet!

Please note that this package was created for Celestia 1.5.1 Final, or later.

German translation by Adirondack.
Dutch translation by Marco Klunder.
Korean version by Fly_Space (Korean version works with Celestia 1.6.0 or newer only!)
Linux alternative (Bob Hegwood's Tour of Venus (V3.01, English), repackaged to make extraction easier for linux or other non-Windows systems) by 'seeks'.
Addon Homepage:
Creator:Bob Hegwood
John van Vliet and Jestr
License:Free for non-commercial use.
Added:2008-08-13 22:35
Last modified:2010-04-26 17:18
Tour of Venus V3.01 (english) 7.11 MB
German version V3.01 (german) 7.11 MB
Dutch version V3.01 (dutch) 7.02 MB
Korean version (korean) 7.02 MB
Linux alternative 6.96 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-08-12 14:27
#2 Egbert Hinzen
Good, but should be updated:
- Venus Express is still working
- Installation directory of Venus Express must be changed
2008-12-11 18:09
#1 M15a4
Bob's tour series is great! Keep up the fantastic work sir! home page