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Political Borders

Summary:This add-on draws the political borders on Earth and shows the country names.
Description:This add-on was designed for Celestia 1.5.1 or later. To use it, just drop this directory into your "extras" folder. Use one of the included CELX scripts to toggle ON/OFF the model, or else the borders will be shown permanently on Earth (unless, of course, if you remove the add-on from the extras directory).
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License:This add-on is free and may be edited as you wish, but only if it's related to Celestia and education. You may NOT use the model for any commercial purposes. The ReadMe file MUST IMPERATIVELY stay with all the files included in this add-on.
Added:2008-08-02 23:12
Last modified:2009-01-22 20:47
Political Borders CMOD/CELX/SSC 2.19 MB

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