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Vega Colony

Summary:The Vega system is located in the Alpha Quadrant about 25 light years from Sol.
Description:"The Vega Colony, located in the Vega system, was established in the early 22nd century, and was one of Earth's most important trade partners in the early days of human interstellar exploration. It was one of the earliest colonies established, along with the Alpha Centauri and Terra Nova colonies." (

NOTE: Please view Fugazi's readme.txt file for installation and usage instructions. If you have a slow machine, then you may wish to delete the "vega9ring.ssc" file in order to speed up performance. To view this system in Celestia, use the ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to get to Vega, and then use Celestia's Solar System Browser under the Navigation Menu in order to explore the complete system.
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