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Dawn Mission

Summary:The Dawn Mission was launched on September 27th, 2007. It will visit both Vesta and Ceres.
Description:To install this add-on, simply extract the package to your Celestia\extras folder. To view the spacecraft, just use Celestia's ENTER-TYPE NAME-ENTER method to locate Dawn.

Another interesting exercise can be performed so that you can view the spacecraft's progress on its way to the neighborhoods of Vesta and Ceres. If you select the Sun and then center it, you can then rotate the display so that you are viewing the Sun from its North Pole. After having done this, set your viewing options to include the orbits and labels for spacecraft, planets and asteroids. Finally, back away from the Sun so that you can see the orbits of these objects as they rotate around the Sun. You can then speed up the passage of time so that you can view the Dawn spacecraft as it catches up to Vesta, and then Ceres. Rather interesting since this display matches perfectly with the updates displayed on the Dawn Mission Status website.

This add-on was created by Brian J. with some modifications to the SSC file by ElChristou. Packaged by Bob Hegwood.
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License:Free for non-commercial use only.
Added:2008-07-22 18:27
Last modified:2013-06-04 17:06
Dawn Mission 3DS/SSC/XYZ 1.32 MB

Comments by visitors:

2012-09-19 21:00
#3 anonymous
Ceres and Vesta disappear since the mession ends. If you do not want that, just comment out the "Ending" attributes in the ssc file.
2012-09-14 12:26
#2 anonymous
This is a great add-on, but why does it make Ceres and Vesta disappear around 2015-2016?
2008-07-24 20:08
#1 Hank Cotma
This is a beautiful model and trajectory for exploration. It also works on Celestia 1.4.1. Keep up the good work Chris. home page